How Pregnancy Ruined My Healthy Kick

You were going so strong for a while. Three workouts a week. Walking on your days off. Getting the nutrients that you needed - fats, carbs, and proteins at every meal. Snacking in a healthy way. Drinking all your water.

And then it stopped.

Maybe you had a big blow-out dinner one night that sent you spiraling. Maybe Easter happened. Maybe Christmas happened and you still haven’t gotten back on the wagon. Maybe you got pregnant... Huh?

Yup, okay, here we go. I’m about to make this real personal. But only because I want to prove that it’s difficult. For everyone!

Prior to getting pregnant, I was in pretty darn good shape. I was working out, eating well, and basically trying to hold true to what I preach. Sure, I had my stumbles, but I truly believe that you have to walk the walk to talk the talk.

And then I got pregnant. As some of you know, this pregnancy has not been an easy one for me. From nausea to just full on tiredness, I have not been feeling 100%. And what did that translate to? Let’s just say a whole lot of grilled cheese sandwiches.

From the beginning, so many people have been so kind - oh, you’re going to have no problem at all because you’re so healthy. Well, I’m just going to say it right now - I haven’t been healthy. There have been full on days - okay, maybe weeks - where I haven’t touched a vegetable. Seriously. I had a couple of days where I thought drinking water was just going to make me throw up. So what did I do? Cut back on water - in a big - like, fruit juice only - no water, thank you - kinda way.

So why am I confessing all this? Because I want you to know that it happens. We all fall off the wagon for one reason or another. Whether that be pregnancy or a vacation.

What matters is how we get back on the wagon.

For me, it’s been small steps. Adding vegetables back into my scrambled egg breakfast sandwiches. Grabbing strawberries when I really just wanted a bowl of Lucky Charms. Making sure that there was at least one vegetable in my day. I even got back to eating broccoli - which was a giant “please, no” in those early months. It all comes down to small decisions. Yes, those decisions can be incredibly hard, but they are do-able when you remember your “why.”

Why do you need to change your diet? Why do you need to get back on the wagon? Remembering that can mean all the difference. For me, it’s obvious that a healthier way of life is (uh duh) healthier for this little growing child, but it’s also crucial for my own health. And even if you’re not pregnant, I’m guessing it’s the same for you.

If you’re struggling with getting back on the wagon, reach out to any of us! We’ve all gone through it and we’re here to help!