A Handier Meal

As some of you know, the (literally, it felt like) 400th time I decided to get serious about weight loss I did it all with tracking my calories in MyFitnessPal and also tracking my workouts with a heart-rate monitor. Despite my crazy aversion to math and numbers, I lived by what the numbers told me. And it worked. I lost 30 pounds and I felt awesome. Seriously, life changing, I-don’t-need-to-hide-my-arms-in-sweaters-anymore kind of awesome.

When it comes to MyFitnessPal, it comes down to portion size. You better believe that I weighed things out. Break out the measuring cups, spoons, meat scale, etc… If you’ve played the game you know how it feels measuring out every little thing. Meal prep goes from a two-minute thing to a ten-minute thing. Sure, eventually you learn what a cup of frozen yogurt or cherries roughly looks like, but it can be tiring.

When I return from baby I plan on ditching the measuring spoons and going a much easier – handier – way. Literally. I plan on using hand measurements. As in, a serving of protein = my palm, a serving of vegetables = my clenched fist, a serving of carbs = my cupped hand, and a serving of fat = my thumb.

The awesome thing about using your hand as a measuring device is that it’s scalable and portable! No more excuses for over-eating because you “didn’t know what the portion size was.”

While you’ll need to base how much of each thing you’ll get to eat on you/your activity level/your goals, a good place to start is:

For Men:

4 Meals a Day

Each meal:

2 palms of protein

2 fists of vegetables

2 cupped handfuls of carbs

2 thumbs of fat


For Women:

4 Meals a Day

Each meal:

1 palm of protein

1 fist of vegetables

1 cupped handful of carbs

1 thumb of fat

Again, this is just a starting point – you will definitely need to adjust for you. The size of your hand has already been adjusted specifically for you, but if you’re working out for an hour a day, you’ll probably need some more protein and carbs. Luckily, we can help you make those determinations!

So ditch the measuring cups and give hand measuring two thumbs up!