FUNction and FITness Mission


At FUNction and FITness, our sole purpose is to build a healthier community, one member at a time. In our facility, we care equally for all our clients, regardless of age, gender or ability. We feel we have an obligation to our community to provide a supportive environment that enables all members, from the deconditioned to the elite athlete, to be the best possible version of them selves.

To make sure we always stay true to who we are and what we're about, we make all of our decisions by referencing and sticking to our 8 core values:

1. Be the best part of our members’ day, always exceeding expectations.

2. Be “We” not “Me”.

3. Striving to be your best while remaining honest, humble and helpful.

4. Be caring and happy, always putting the fun in fitness.

5. Taking responsibility, avoid making excuses.

6. Continuously evolving, constantly learning, always improving.

7. Have only good days and great days.

8. Be professional and communicate clearly.