Diet or Lifestyle?

52% of consumers said figuring out how to eat a healthy diet is more difficult than tax, and based on this concept nutrition always changed thru the decades.
in 1950's we had the grape fruit diet which you need to eat grape fruit three times a day, 1960's that changed to vegetarian type phase which we had more options rather than grape fruit. 1970's was called little calorie diet. 1980's was low fat diet which was famous with snacks such as "SnackWell's" which was fat free but super high in sugar. Then in 1990's the direction of diet changed and it went towards low carb which that didn't went well and this pendulum was always goes back and forth till we get on todays concept which is eat clean, and that means no white sugar, no white flour, no processed food no artificial ingredients. But it still there is some problem on the 2000's eat clean concept and thats pretty much whatever we eat is a processed food (a bite from a steak is way different a bite from actual cow).
Today we need to act smart and we can have this quote that says " NO DIET WORKS FOR EVERYONE, EVERY DIET WORKS FOR SOMEONE". There is no magical solution it's a LIFE STYLE that you need to change and find the those clean foods and add it to your daily nutrition.
Drink less alcohol, eat minimum sugar, eat healthy fats, eat healthy carbs and protein, exercise and that's how you will have a healthy lifestyle and you don't need a diet. 

Thank you Dr. Chris Mohr that share this amazing lecture with us at TRX Summit 2016 Baltimore