“I Deserve It”

As I dove into a giant coffee-cake-pastry-piece-of-heaven, the first thought that occurred to me (besides the holy $%&* this is good!) was “I deserve this.”

“I deserve this.”

It’s a phrase that we utter a lot when we’re working really hard on our #healthgoals. When you’re killing yourself in the gym and making all the “right decisions,” when it comes to choosing what goes in your mouth, it’s not uncommon (nor bad) to think that you deserve _____. But it’s important to choose that “blank” carefully.

For the majority of us, it comes down to this equation:

Being good all week = I get to treat myself this weekend.

That “treat” comes in the form of a glass (x4) of wine, a cocktail (x5), a piece (+ a few nibbles) of cake, or 1 (x a bag) of potato chips. Or, okay, i'll give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe you're in a good habit and you reward all your good eating habits with good foods! 

Uh… okay, so I’m about to get real here.

After a great workout, do you reward yourself with a cigarette?

You don’t - right? (If so, maybe we should talk a little about that).

So why would you want to reward all your good eating habits with something that will derail all those efforts and make you feel guilty? Do you really want to reward yourself with guilt? No!

I’m not saying you shouldn’t celebrate your wins. Believe me, I run on “treats” and will always say you have to treat yourself. But don’t “treat” yourself the way you would “treat” your dog - with food. Instead, I suggest you treat yourself with these some of these options:

A relaxing bath

A massage

A mani/pedi

A fresh new ‘do

New workout clothes

A new workout experience - like trying a yoga or rock-climbing class

A healthy cookbook

A session of Netflix and Chill

Aromatherapy oils

A trip to the movie theater (minus the popcorn)

A nap

Let’s reward our efforts with more health - and healthy options that will promote your health even further - because hey, you DO deserve it!