Actually Achieving That New Year, New You Goal

According to Health every January, roughly one in three Americans make resolutions. Of those that make resolutions, 75% of people manage to stick to their goals for at least a week, but 46% are still on track with those goals six months later.

If your goal is to lose the weight this 2017, you’re going to need a strategy and it’s going to need to be one you can actually stick to. Here are some tips for building a strategy that will work for you:

Remember your WHY? 
There’s a reason that you want to lose weight - maybe it’s because you want to look bomb dot com in your jeans, or maybe it’s something more serious like your doctor recently told you that you are pre-diabetic. Whatever it is, grab on to that motivating “WHY.” Sometimes it helps to find a video that motivates you - there are tons of “fitness motivating” videos on YouTube. Maybe there’s an old photo of you where you thought you looked awesome. Use all of these things as ways to keep you on track and remembering your why.

Find a way to keep yourself accountable.
We all know how easy it is to spin out of control. In fact, you can probably draw upon a few examples from the end of the year where you maybe went a little overboard. Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the entire box(es) of cookies you ate. Let me ask you - if you had been forced to write down just how many boxes of cookies you ate would you have eaten all of that? Okay, maybe yes, but maybe no. Keeping yourself honest can help you, well, if anything shame you, out of over-indulging.

Set small food and exercise goals.
You don’t need to go all cold turkey with your health goals (although if you’re one that can’t do moderation (a.k.a me) then maybe you need to go cold turkey). Maybe knock it down to one glass of wine per night - or ever better - per week. One cookie per week.

In terms of exercise, hitting the gym 7 days a week when you’ve been going 0 days a week is the best way to burn out. Set a goal of maybe 2 days of training with one day of walking. Ease into it so that by week 2 you aren’t in serious sore-ness hell.

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