The Perform Better Summit

This past weekend my fellow coaches and I attended Perform Better’s One-Day “Learn-by-Doing” Summit hosted at the LA Convention Center. During the summit we heard lectures from four guest speakers and then attended four afternoon work-out sessions led by those speakers, all in an effort to become better coaches for all of our clients.

Todd Durkin, the first speaker of the day and owner of Fitness Quest 10, encouraged us all to create more “WOW” moments in not only our coaching lives, but in our professional lives. Just what is a “WOW” moment? One of those magical moments in life that just makes you sit back and say “Wow.” Maybe it’s that moment comes when you’re sitting on a mountain peak after a 3 hour hike, or second 47 after you finally finish that 45 second endurance burst of mountain climbers in the gym. Whatever it is, we all want those “Wow” moments - so let’s go out and get ‘em!

Lee Burton, of FMS (Functional Movement Systems) was our second speaker. Functional Movement System’s motto is “Move Well. Move Often.” That’s exactly what Burton’s lecture was about - how can we screen for dysfunctional movement patterns and then protect and correct them? If you see us doing more ankle mobility exercises where we seemingly tie you in knots, you can thank this guy.

Rachel Cosgrove of Results Fitness was up next. Her lecture focused on how to connect to female clients. From addressing yo-yo dieting (and how it impacts your body composition over time - yikes! Ask us about that one) to getting your clients away from that scale-obsession, Cosgrove gave us all tips on just how to create a transforming experience for our female clients.

Martin Rooney of Training for Warriors rounded out the morning lecture series with a rousing rendition of Queen’s We Will Rock You (seriously, he did). He reminded us coaches that we always need to bring the entertainment to our classes, ‘cause let’s face it, if you aren’t having fun, exercise can be a real drag.

The afternoon was filled with four 35 minute sweat-creating workout sessions, and you better believe we picked up some fun new things to share with you to help you “Perform Better.”