When All or None Means None

We’re having a “good day” – a healthy breakfast, great morning snack, really beautifully planned lunch, and then someone brings in cake to celebrate an office birthday. We have the tiniest, tiniest bite. But then, since we had the tiniest bite, we might as well have a little more. And then F*** it! Might as well have an actual sized slice. And since we did that, pizza for dinner, and might as well have dessert and a glass of wine because I already ruined the day with that cake!

This is often how dieting goes. It’s an all-or-nothing mindset where if you take a small little stumble off the wagon in even the slightest way, you might as well have just jumped off!

Let’s pull back the reigns a little bit. In fact, let’s step off the wagon. Let’s maybe not even consider getting “on the wagon” again. Whaaaa?! What could she be saying?

I’m saying it’s time to end this eternal starting and stopping thing because it’s not working.

"Slightly Better"

It’s time to consider what you’re actually doing and how to improve it. Real change comes when you change a habit. Okay, so you have a breakfast burrito every day for breakfast. How ‘bout having half of that burrito and a bowl of fruit? You still get the burrito, but you get something “slightly better” with cutting it in half and having some fruit on the side.

Let’s go back to the cake incident we started with. What would have been “slightly better” in this instance? And no, it’s not “never having the first bite.” We know you’re going to have that bite. But “slightly better” might have been having that bite with a large glass of water to fill you up. Or have a bowl of cherries with that bite of cake. Maybe a handful of almonds. Something that makes you feel satiated without having to eat a whole cake.

So okay, maybe the proposed decision still led you to the pizza for dinner. But “slightly better” might have been starting that dinner off with some vegetables or a salad. Maybe choosing dessert OR wine, instead of both.

While “slightly better” isn’t “BEST,” won’t it get you closer to that weight loss goal? I’m going to say it right now – you aren’t perfect. You may have perfect days. You may have perfect weeks. But if you’re living by an “all-or-nothing” rule, then you’re setting yourself up for a helping of “nothing.”

So next time you’re confronted with the cake/pizza/wine dilemma, ask yourself:

What would “slightly better” be?

What would “slightly worse” be?

Which choice is the one I can make right now?

I’m hoping that “slightly better” leads you to continue making “slightly better” choices that will empower you and get you closer to your goal. I’m also hoping it will help you from going down the path of free-for-all! As fun as that might be…

As always, if you need help determining you’re slightly better, never hesitate to ask any of us!