Thanksgiving is Only ONE Meal

"Thanksgiving." Need we say more? It's that special day once a year where we stuff ourselves silly. Growing up, the running joke in our family was "there goes Jessie, to take her Thanksgiving nap." After gorging on turkey, yams covered in marshmallows, mashed potatoes, and pie I would stumble into my grandparent's bed and pass out for the rest of the afternoon. It was my very own Thanksgiving tradition. 

A couple years ago (and yes, this only dawned on me a few years ago) I read a quotation: "Thanksgiving is only one meal." Whaaaaa?! Is it not fourteen meals in one as I had always treated it? On that note, I give you my Thanksgiving Day tips:

1. Treat it as ONE meal
2. Remember that you can Thanksgiving food all year
3. Sides like sweet potatoes, green beans, and vegetables can all be made as a "healthy version." Think olive oil, salt, pepper, and that's it!
4. Not everything requires a side of gravy
5. For every glass of wine, have a glass of water 
6. Concentrate on the real meaning of "Thanks-giving"
7. If your Thanksgiving is bound to be a stressful one (as big gatherings of family can be) figure out a way to de-stress. Maybe that means taking a walk with the family members you actually want to be around. Maybe it's making a list of what you're grateful for. Let's ensure that the stress of the day doesn't turn into stress eating or drinking.
8. Come to our BURN the BIRD workout at 8 am Thanksgiving morning!
9. If you're going to multiple Thanksgiving dinners, rather than eating full Thanksgiving at each dinner, choose which sides you'll eat where. For example, I'll have turkey and sweet potatoes at the first dinner, turkey and green beans at the second, pumpkin pie at the third. Side note: try to have protein (ahem, the turkey) at each meal to ensure you're eating balanced meals.
10. Host. I know this sounds crazy, but if you host you can control all the ingredients that go into the meal and your mouth. 

Wishing you and yours a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING! We'll see you in the gym for our 8 am BURN the BIRD workout!