My Four Tricks to Losing Weight

I know, I know, no one is thinking about losing weight around this time of year. If anything, we're all just hoping not to get too big during this next month. But let me tell you this, if you can secure your healthy habits during the holiday season, you can do just about anything! That being said, here are my four tricks to losing weight (during any time of year):

1. Have a STRATEGY. Knowing how you're going to attack weight loss is key. There are so many ways to tackle weight loss: calorie counting, watching portions, adding in exercise, eliminating certain foods, etc... Whatever that strategy is, know that you might need to adjust as you lose weight. For example, you might start out with just walking 4 miles a day. As you progress and lose more weight, you'll need to increase that amount of walking and even add in weight training, etc... in order to continue to lose weight. 

2. Meal Prep. It's a known fact that when you fail to plan you plan to fail. That's where meal prep comes in. And here's a little trick - meal prep for your weekends so that you don't get into that "Oh, but it's the weekend!" mentality. 

3. Accountability. Figure out a way to hold yourself accountable. Write down what you're eating. Set an alarm on your phone to drink more water or meal prep. Have an accountability buddy. 

4. Consistency. If you can do the top three things and do them for a while - like, I'm talking MONTHS - you WILL be successful. True weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. If you're in it for the long game you will have success. 

If you need help with any of these, we have launched personalized nutrition counseling at FUNction and FITness. Even if you aren't a member, come on in and let's discuss how you want to tackle your weight loss goals - whether they be for the holidays or for the new year!