Eating for Health... Not Weight Loss

It seems every day I get another text from my healthcare provider regarding the flu and ER wait room times. With the flu running as rampant as it is this year I thought it would be a good idea to talk about food in a different light - instead of eating for weight loss, let's talk about eating for health. Interestingly enough, you'll find when you eat for health, you'll also most likely achieve some weight loss. But you already knew that... 



There's no wonder that we're urged by our doctors to eat a wide range of fruit and vegetables. In addition to the flavor they bring to meal-time, they are also chock-full of “phytonutrients,” or plant nutrients, that help us fight disease and stay strong. Examples include the following:

Resveratrol in grapes/grape skins
Isoflavones in soy
Lycopene in tomatoes
Lutein in spinach
Naringenin in grapefruit

Phytonutrients can help fight cancers, lower blood pressure, improve immune function, and can even improve memory! 



Food can also help you fight inflammation. Anti-inflammatory fats like the kind found in avocado oil, nuts, seeds, flax, and FISH OIL (yes, I'm still pushing fish oil even on the blog) can help you recover. Add in spices like garlic and turmeric and you have not only a delicious meal but also a meal that will serve your body. 



Lastly, let's consider how food is fuel for the things you love to do - like our BURN and STRONG classes. When you eat well your body has what it needs to do the things you need to do - like move and concentrate on work, and fight off infections and viruses and the flu! When you're eating food that allows your body to work at peak performance, you're more able to fight off all the things that are rolling around your environment - like that pesky flu!