Get Motivated. Stay Motivated. But HOW?

A couple weeks ago I attended the Perform Better Summit and one of the things that stuck with me (amongst many other things) was what Martin Rooney said: Get Motivated. Stay Motivated.


Makes sense right? Well.. how exactly do you do that? Get motivated and then stay motivated.


When we feel that kick it’s not always clear where it comes from. Maybe it’s just divine inspiration? Or maybe you just watched Khloe Kardashian’s “Revenge Body” and you’re thinking of all the ways you can get your own revenge body. Whatever it is, when it hits, it’s strong.


When you feel that motivation, ride it.

Realize when you usually feel that motivation and then schedule your “X” then. For example – you feel most motivated on Monday morning. Great! Schedule a workout and weigh-in then.


Sure, that’s great and all… but… what if that motivation isn’t happening?


Sometimes it feels like weeks drag on without anything inspiring happening… so how do you get motivated then? Maybe try a few of these things?

  • Read a book.
  • Watch a documentary.
  • Watch a Ted Talk.
  • Check out your Instagram feed or do a hashtag search. Suggestions: mealprep, fitmom, fitdad, shortworkouts, fitspo, happy
  • Talk to someone you know will inspire you.
  • Go on a hike.
  • Take a shower – some of my greatest brainstorming time is done in the shower.
  • Talk to a coach!
  • Remember a time that you WERE motivated.


And the next time motivation hits?

Write down what you’re feeling in that moment – in a spot you can access. Maybe write it on your bathroom mirror or make a note on your phone. Take note of what happened to make you feel motivated. Can you recreate it in the moments you don’t feel that motivation?


Get motivated. Stay motivated. OR at least try to.


See ya in the gym!