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Coach Jess
5:00 AM

Why We LOVE Heart Rate Monitors

You’ve probably seen we’ve started incorporating heart rate monitors into our team classes at Function and Fitness. Here’s a little breakdown of how a heart rate monitor can take your workouts to the next level.

How it Works

The monitor, which is worn with a chest strap picks up your heartbeats. This is why it’s important that you wear the chest strap correctly so that the monitor sits directly on your skin right where the bottom of your bra would typically fall. This allows the monitor to sit close to your heart so it can pick up your heartbeats.

Heart Rate

For healthy adults, a normal resting heart rate can be anywhere between 60-100 beats per minute. Having a lower heart rate typically indicates that a person has more efficient heart function.

Why it Can Help

Because the monitor is based on you, it can give you an accurate indication of how hard you’re working. Why do you need to know? Well, this info can inform you on whether or not you need to push harder to maximize your calorie burn, or if you’re already working at your max capacity and need to bring your heart rate down to avoid hurting yourself. It’s advised that vigorous exercises be performed at 70-85% of your target max heart rate. This is typically when you see yourself in the green or orange on our monitor.

If you’re playing the weight loss game, knowing how many calories you’re burning during a workout can help you zero in on how many calories you need to eat on a daily basis. For the days that you go super hard in the gym, you’ll need to eat back more calories to ensure you aren’t losing muscle.

To find our more about our heart rate monitors and how you can get one, contact info@functionandfitnessla.com or just ask a coach next time you’re in the gym!