Michelle Before & AfterI joined Function and Fitness last January on a recommendation of a colleague and tried the 10 day bootcamp. I had no idea how important this decision would prove to be! I embarked on a process of change that has profoundly affected me both physically and mentally. Christine's program is very challenging and has pushed me beyond what I felt I was capable of. She has shown me how possible it is to realize the true benefits of strength training in conjunction with metabolic training in an environment that is supportive, fun and positively competitive. I especially enjoy the camaraderie with everyone as we are pushed to our limits. I feel we have all groaned together during this time:-)

I am so grateful to Christine for her constant support and encouragement. Her enthusiastic leadership has been, and continues to be, a great source of inspiration. I can't say enough about her positive influence and guidance! On a personal note, I am 57 years young and being that this is the age that my mother passed away, it has proven to be a noteworthy reference point for me. Function and Fitness has helped me get through this year and has shown me the true value of a great fitness program. I have never felt as strong and capable as I do now and I look forward to continuing this most rewarding experience!

Thank you, Christine for helping all of us improve the quality of our lives! We love you!

- Michele Kikuchi, Pasadena CA
Anush Before & AfterAnush participated in our Whole 30 Healthy Eating Challenge in September. She has been strength training twice a week and participating in interval training classes 2 or three times a week. In 8 weeks, Anush had an overall body composition change of 15.6%! She gained 1.3 pounds of skeletal muscle mass and lost 12.3 pounds of body fat! She is an inspiration to us all!

I started my six week challenge with FUNction and FITness in March and lost 24 pounds and 8% percent body fat. I decided to join the gym and continue on. Best decision I've ever made. I'm now down 30 pounds and almost 12% body fat. I've gained my life back completely. I was in such a dark negative place after losing my Dad in a semi accident and this is the only thing that has worked for me. I look forward to coming every day and love all of trainers. It's like my body is on autopilot now which is a great outlet after treating cancer patients all day. Love love the Loud music and the energy here. So grateful for everyone at FUNction and FITness on this journey with me. Here's to the last 25 pounds and a healthy happy life.

Tiana Gitts
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